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My Day is Complete

“This place rocks.” -Adam Avery, of Avery Brewing, in the shop 30 minutes ago.

Dogfish Arrival Situation

For my customers who have been waiting for the 120 Minute and Immort Ale to arrive:

When these limited beers arrive, the distributor generally doles them out in very small quantities for the first week or so that they’re available. After that, most stuff becomes fair game. In another week and a half or so, I should have some decent amounts of these beers in and will contact you to let you know what I have.

As the quantities are so small right now, I won’t be pre-selling anything. If you want something this week, come by and get it. Anything else is plain unfair. Ironically, this is the argument my distributor gives me when I yell and scream about only getting two cases of 120. Then again, in a couple weeks I’ll end up buying everything they have anyway, so I’m just trying to get it all done now.

Like I said, when more gets freed up I’ll make some calls and emails and let you all know what’s up. Until then, come by this weekend for what I have now and hopefully I’ll have some better news very soon.


The Beermonger