About the Beermonger

My name is Nick Anderson and I am currently the Northern Virginia Sales Rep for Port City Brewing Company of Alexandria, Virginia. Prior to taking my job with Port City, I’d spent the previous decade working at some of the best beer & wine stores in the area, not to mention a couple of wine importers/distributors along with a brief stint as the VA Correspondent for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.  The point of this blog is to hopefully reach out to those who may be curious but uninformed about beer in general and also to get around to answering some of the questions that I get when talking to people in the business, customers and friends.



15 responses to “About the Beermonger

  1. Nick,

    Have you tried Velvet beer, from Czech Republic? http://needmorebeer.com/velvet-1.htm

    I’ve done some searching but cannot figure out how to get it in the states. I hear a Czech restaurant is opening fairly soon around town, but no guarantees they’d have it. It is quite the exquisite brew and I’d like to know if you were more resourceful as I, especially considering you’re the infamous Beermonger!

    Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. Hey Tim,

    The distributor in VA that handles Krusovice doesn’t have Velvet. They have Imperial Lager and the Cerne, a Schwarzbier. Where is this new restaurant? If it’s in DC or MD, that may be a different situation. Each state (I’m including DC as a state) has its own set of rules, regulations and distributors. What is unavailable here may be available in DC or MD. I asked my guy at the VA distributor to ask about Velvet and if it comes in I’ll post it here. Thanks for writing!

  3. Hey Nick,
    Hope all is well with you. I am still kicking back, occasionally looking for “something” out there to keep me out of trouble. Keep up the good work with the “beers”-I do miss them.
    Best regards, Bill

  4. Nick,
    Do you ever stock urthel hop-it at the store? My husband and I are searching for it here in Virginia.

  5. Hi Adriane,

    I do in fact carry Hop-it at the shop. I have a handful of cork-and-cage bottles left, and also have the 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles. The 4-packs are going to be standard from now on (from what I’ve heard). If you dig Hop-it you might also like:
    -Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor
    -Poperings Hommelbier
    -The soon to arrive Stone Vertical Epic 8.8.08
    -Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe (if it ever comes back into stock)

    Thanks for writing!

  6. My brother, a self professed beer geek, is coming to visit me in Alexandria next week (Aug 23-30). What are the critical beer destinations he should visit?

  7. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for writing in. I guess in Alexandria proper, I’d say hit Rustico, Bilbo Baggins and Eamon’s (not really a beer place–they only have 1 tap and it’s Guinness, but it’s a legit Irish Chipper). You can always hit the Brickskeller and RFD in DC, or check any of the supercool Belgian places: Brasserie Beck, Granville Moore and Cafe Belga.
    Another personal fave of mine is Galaxy Hut. Tiny place, but great atmosphere and good beers. Also, Boulevard Wood Grill has great taps and bottles.
    Of course, there’s always the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Seven Corners, too…

  8. Nick–

    Any word on when/if Stone’s Cali-Belgique IPA and the Alesmith/Mikkeller/Stone Triple are making their way out to the East coast? Also, will Avery’s Ale to the Chief be hitting your shelves soon?



  9. Nick:

    Hello from Amsterdam, Dana and I are quickly settling in, drinking everything in sight here. The French wines and Belgium brews are so cheap. We miss our American beer though, The Cracked Kettle has a few DFH and Stone brews but nothing near what we enjoyed in the states. Anyways, just wanted to drop you a line, we’re heading to the infamous Cafe Gollem in de Pijp tonight to see what’s up.

    Drink one for us,
    Mike (& Dana)

  10. Cheers Nick!

    Love your blog (any wonder why?). If you get a chance, you might enjoy the article I just posted “The Crafting of a Craft Beer Geek” on my blog at http://www.alemonger.wordpress.com. I’m also adding your site to my blogroll (if you don’t mind).

    As we’re reminded by the boys at Great Divide, “great minds drink alike”!

    ~Joel (The Alemonger)

  11. nick- lost your card, sorry. i had an 85 talbot the other night, reminded me of my obligation to spread around sick wine. theres still some 74 rinaldi left (i hope), and those are PERFECT. also mags of 05 trapet for a very fair price. i’ll need to look, but there are also some random orphan bottles in the cellar not in inventory i can probably get them to sell me for next to nothing. get at me and we’ll figure something out. hows va?

  12. also, i’m down with a vicious cold, so thats my excuse for playing on the internet so late on halloween. haha.

  13. Send me your email, or follow me on Twitter @jcarnoldsf, need to send you a photo of an impressive draft list now on at Rustico Slaters Lane!

  14. Geraldine Shannon

    My husband and I recently visited St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer MA and sampled Spencer Ale, the first beer brewed by a monastery in the U.S. It was very good. They have built a large brewery and plan to brew several different kinds. Have you tried Spencer Ale? Do you know if it can it be bought in Virginia?


    • I haven’t tried the Spencer beers yet, but I’ve heard good things. They are currently unavailable in Virginia, and I haven’t heard anything that makes me think they’ll become available anytime soon, but you never know.

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