And where have you been, huh?

Huh? I’ve been here the whole time, guys. Jesus.

Really, things have been a little crazy lately but I had a moment so I figured I’d pop in and update you all on what’s happening with me and with the shop.

So it looks like some of you read my post asking who wanted my job, and one of you actually managed to get it. Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Jon Brandt onto the staff here at Rick’s Wine & Gourmet, working him into the beer buyer position. That didn’t sound right at all, but I’m leaving it for the sake of humor.

What does this mean for me, or for the blog? Well, I’m heading over to the wine department to see what kind of damage I can do over there. I’ve always been a wine lover and this is a great opportunity to introduce people to new things and create a new scene for wine in NoVA. As far as the blog is concerned, I fully intend to keep it going. I will always be your humble Beermonger. In many ways I still believe in beer being the beverage of the new century, full of exciting new creations and completely open to possibilities. As I get to try new beers I’ll continue to review them and when I have interesting stories or rants to get out I’ll be here (in fact, I’ve got one I’m working on right now that should make me either very popular or very…not). But with Jon here, who’s a very talented writer, who knows? Maybe I can talk him into guest posting, or even running Beermonger as a joint operation.

Either way, thanks for hanging in there. I know I’m not as consistent as I could be and to blame that purely on work schedule would be making excuses. So as we move on to newer and bigger beers, keep coming back in for news, opinion and fun.

And keep an eye out for the wine blog…maybe…no promises.


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